Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How is our Tatami Chaperon Cushion ideal for office chairs?


Working at your desk for many hours can create a build-up of stress on your back and affect your mood for the entire day.

The Tatami Chaperon Cushion™ comes in a compact size that not only fits into most office chairs but is of the right size to support your mid and lower back perfectly. The Tatami Chaperon Cushion™ is neither too poofy nor too flat. It fits snuggly into the curve of your back and encourages you to sit in a relaxed and upright posture. The inner foam filling provides a small springy effect to help you get off your seat easily after many hours of sitting.

Choosing the right back support cushion, with the right material is also important.

If the cushion material has a tendency to trap body heat e.g. leather or memory foam, the build up of heat on your back can be frustrating and distracting. Handcrafted with igusa rushes, the Tatami Chaperon Cushion™ makes a whopping difference to the user's comfort as body heat is able to ventilate through the natural material. Keeping the temperature just right for one to sit and focus for an extended period of time.

The smooth texture of The Tatami Chaperon Cushion™ makes it so easy to be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth. Not forgetting that you can drop it off at The Tatami Shop @ East Coast for its complimentary annual free basic cleaning service*!

The natural grassy fragrance that is distinctive of igusa rushes, is also believed to be calming and refreshing.

*Terms and conditions apply, please see

Users are encouraged to take a break from their work every once in a while to engage in back and neck stretching exercises as advised by physiotheraphists.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Testimonial on

The Tatami 100% Igusa Pillow


Thank you very much, Tatami.

When I first bought the pillow 10 years ago, I intended it for use as catnap in the afternoon. The rounded design with its hardness supported my neck perfectly and I must say it dragged me into a deep slumber instead. I am not familiar with what is inside the pillow but it definitely became my favourite pillow in no time replacing my standard one in the night. It really was just what I needed for a restful sleep.

Over the years, I explored different support pillows with brands such as Tempur, Dunlopillo, King Koil, IKEA, FOUR star and Sea Horse. It is amazing that I always end up sleeping with the Tatami pillow. It didn't occur to me to search for a replacement since it has been serving me well over these years and is still in good condition. I clean it with a damp cloth once in a while and use off-the-shelf cover for it. Pictures of evidence append :)
I find it relatively maintenance free as compared with the usual foam pillow and have in fact cut down some cost in getting those allergy free pillow cases.

The reason for the recent purchase was because my hubby happened to use it once over the night when he was experiencing some neck aches. I offered my pillow hoping to relieve him of the ache. He slept well that night (maybe too well). When he sheepishly swop it again on the third night, I decided to buy him his OWN Tatami pillow since I am now been deprived of my sleep.

Now you know why I insisted he try out his own pillow at the shop. His offer to buy me a new one with him taking over my old pillow has obviously been rejected. Somehow, the old one has been seasoned to perfection and the hardness is just right. It is one of those rare stuff that grows on you and you simply refuse to change to a new one.

Having said the above, I'm wondering if I should buy another one and get it seasoned...(well, u know..typical kiasu Singaporean.. For good n keep in case run out of stock..)

Thank you once again, Tatami."

Judith Tan


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